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August 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

If your child is turning one, there is a memory you absolutely need to cherish: a cake smash session. The main point of this is to watch your baby adorably smash a cake while joyfully making a mess of themselves so we can get it all on camera! They are fun, carefree, and insanely entertaining. After taking their more formal first birthday photos, it is a nice change of pace from proper poses to a more laid back free-for-all.



So, let’s get real here for a second: Cake smashes are messy! But you know what, they should be!  We want blue, red, green, purple, or whatever color icing we can get all over their adorable little faces. Parents love it, most babies love it, and I love it because it makes for such wonderful shots. But, after all the sessions I’ve done, I’ve learned one thing: No one likes the clean up. Parents go through dozens of baby wipes, if they even remember to bring them. They are scrambling to find ways to not get any cake on themselves or the car seat.  They are planning to head right home to wash all that icing off their little one which means no stopping for errands on the way home.  So, I got to thinking, why should we stop once the cake is demolished?



Smile Photography is thrilled to announce our newest add-on option: The Splash Bath!  Let's keep the good pace going by tossing baby in a warm, bubbly bath and photographing the fun.  With this add-on you will receive 5 additional photos, another adorable memory to cherish, and best of all: a clean, happy baby!  We already make cake smash sessions so easy for you by supplying a custom made shirt or onesie and a custom made 5" cake to match your theme, so why not add to the convenience while continuing to capture wonderful memories?  We'll provide the tub, bubble bath, and towel so you don't need to stress about anything else.  For a splashing good time, contact us today!



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