July 2nd Concert | Sponsorship | Free Family Fun | Family Photographer | Ocean County NJ

Free Family Fun Night

Last week Smile Photography was able to be a participating sponsor for the Long Beach Township Tuesday night concert series. The show is a free concert on Long Beach Island and I was able to get some great shots of the event. So many people enjoying the music in so many different ways. There were people sitting, relaxing, and listening, there were family playing at the park listening, paddle boarders, kayakers, family enjoying the water while listening, some enjoying the food from Sunny Rae’s food truck (Link below), and on top of all that my nutty kids running all around. I was joined by Jasmine from Let it be a Party who also sponsored that night as well. They are the local one stop party shop! (Link below). Please make sure you take a look at the next events they will be having at Bayview Parks & Recreation to join in on the fun! (Link below).

Let it be a Party
Bayview Park
Sunny Rae’s

July 4th | Manahawkin | Family Photographer | Ocean County NJ

Happy 4th of July!

These two little loves of mine have such a love hate relationship with the camera, here Emerson is loving it and Quinn is hating it, ha! But Smile Photography wants to wish everyone a happy and safe July 4th!

Blayne & Brayden | Sibling Photos | Family Photographer | Ocean County NJ

B & B Take Over the Island!

Look at these two handsome studs! I can’t believe how old they are getting; I remember them still in their Mama’s belly! They will forever be babies in my eyes but they really are turning into great young men! We had a great time on the island the night we got these photos! It had been raining all day, and we thought we got a break in the rain so we ran down to the beach, we got there and it started pouring on us. We literally ran back to the house, got bummed out and headed to get something to eat. On our way out of the restaurant we look out and the sky is BEAUTIFUL and it wasn’t raining! So we ran back down to the bay side this time and got some AWESOME photos. Sometimes the stormy nights are the best ones for photos!

The Girls | Sibling Photos | Family Photographer | Ocean County NJ

The Girls

What a great Mother's Day gift these girls gave to their mom thanks to their awesome Aunt! We took them out to get photos while their Mom had no idea. The girls were great, relaxed, and so easy to work with. We got great shots! Thanks for the great opportunity to work with you girls!

Family Beach Photos | Long Beach Island | Family Photographer | Ocean County NJ

Long Beach Island Family Photos

This family had the best idea when it came to getting portraits done on vacation. They have many family members in different parts of the country, so when they were all together it was perfect. They were such a great group of people, and seriously so fun! It was great. They did have to contend with some very windy conditions, but look it like a champ and you can barely tell! Hope you were able to enjoy the rest of their stay.

Best Birthday Gift | Barnegat | Family Photographer | Ocean County NJ

Best Birthday Gift

This awesome dude asked for a BIG birthday gift this year. He was asking for a sibling, well guess what he got! He will be having a BABY BROTHER!!! This big guy gets to have a little brother joining his crew come Oct 2019! I think he is a pretty happy 5 year old!

Pre-School Graduation | Manahawkin | Family Photographer | Ocean County NJ

Today’s the end of a chapter.

Well, that’s all folks. Today is the very last day for my big man. Today he will say good bye to pre-school. The next time he goes to school he will be a kindergartner. Gosh, I had no idea as you get older that the time goes quicker and quicker, and there is no way of slowing it down or even stopping it. Here are some last photos of our end of school session at his school. They show all sides of his personality . I love this big dude so much! Thank you for picking me to be your Mommy!! <3

Pre-School Graduation | Manahawkin | Family Photographer | Ocean County NJ

Here comes kindergarten!

Where did the last five years go? No clue but here is my little man graduating pre school and moving on to kindergarten next year. I could not be more proud of this handsome dude. But he wouldn’t be any where he is today with out the amazing teachers at the Oxycocus School. So I am sending out a huge thank you to the teachers, speech therapists, aids, staff and every other person at the school that has cared a great amount for my son the last two years.

Engagement Session | Barnegat Lighthouse | Family Photographer | Ocean County NJ

Just two people in love…..

Avani and Matt were the cutest couple enjoying a beautiful night at the Barnegat Lighthouse. We had the most perfect weather one could wish for after our first night got cancelled due to rain. It was a great experience, especially for me being able to be the first professional photographer to capture amazing moments of Avani! Congratulations and I hope you have the best two day wedding ever!!

Mommy & Me | Double Trouble Park | Child Photographer | Ocean County NJ

Mommy & Me

There is nothing like the bond between a mother and child. Each child you have there will be a different and special type of bond, its truly amazing. I LOVE that Stacey has taken the time out and made sure she got in front of the camera with her little love. Sometimes as moms we are the ones taking the photos that we never sit back to make sure we are in them. They were such a great team it was awesome.