Pilipiak Extended Family | Long Beach Island | Ocean County NJ | South Jersey Photographer

Pilipaik Extended Family

As summer has been winding down, photographers are getting busier and busier. Never knowing what new family they will get to meet next is so much fun. Last week I was excited to meet the Pilipiak Family. They were a ton of fun and the little girls were super cute, plus, we had great weather. What more could you ask for!

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Sneak Peeks of Sunflower Mini Sessions | Ocean County NJ | South Jersey Photographer | Child Photography

Sunflower Mini Session

The weather for our sunflower mini sessions was amazing!! We couldn’t have asked for better weather. The kids were all so cute. Here are some previews for our awesome sessions. For all my clients that had their pictures taken please keep an eye out for your emails :) Also thank you so much to Beaver Dam Farm for allowing us to borrow their beautiful field to take these stunning photos.

Sodano Extended Family | Long Beach Island | Ocean County NJ | South Jersey Photographer

Second Time Around

As many of you know, nothing excites me more than watching families grow. So being able to see the Sadano’s for the second year in a row I was beyond thrilled. Watching all their little humans turn into not so tiny humans and now with one on the way I already can't wait for next year to see how big they all get!

Robinson | Military Family | Long Beach Island | Ocean County NJ | South Jersey Photographer | Child Photography

Military Giveaway

It was great to finally meet the Robinson’s. They were the lucky military family that won my family photo shoot giveaway! Their family was just to cute for words. We had a great night minus all the bugs towards the end. Thank you for all your family does for this country. I am glad I was able to give something to you guys as a thank you. <3

Sunflower Mini Sessions | Ocean County NJ | South Jersey Photographer | Child Photography

Sunflower Mini Session

Finally!! Here is a mini session that I have been dying to offer to my clients. Sunflower Field Mini Sessions in OCEAN COUNTY!! Wait, what! Yes, you read that correctly.. in Ocean County. I searched high and low so that my clients didn’t have to travel to far to get the photos they have been asking for! I will be at the farm in Barnegat on July 26th and 27th at Sunset! I will try and fit in as many sessions as I can, this will absolutely be on a first come first serve basis. They will only be $100 - This will cover the farm fee, 15 minutes of session, you will get 3 edited photos that you get to pick from a minimum of 5 (they may even be more depending on each session) and the print release for these photos. These sessions will be for up to 3 people, anything more than that must be talked to photographer prior to paying deposit.

July 2nd Concert | Sponsorship | Free Family Fun | Family Photographer | Ocean County NJ

Free Family Fun Night

Last week Smile Photography was able to be a participating sponsor for the Long Beach Township Tuesday night concert series. The show is a free concert on Long Beach Island and I was able to get some great shots of the event. So many people enjoying the music in so many different ways. There were people sitting, relaxing, and listening, there were family playing at the park listening, paddle boarders, kayakers, family enjoying the water while listening, some enjoying the food from Sunny Rae’s food truck (Link below), and on top of all that my nutty kids running all around. I was joined by Jasmine from Let it be a Party who also sponsored that night as well. They are the local one stop party shop! (Link below). Please make sure you take a look at the next events they will be having at Bayview Parks & Recreation to join in on the fun! (Link below).

Let it be a Party
Bayview Park
Sunny Rae’s

July 4th | Manahawkin | Family Photographer | Ocean County NJ

Happy 4th of July!

These two little loves of mine have such a love hate relationship with the camera, here Emerson is loving it and Quinn is hating it, ha! But Smile Photography wants to wish everyone a happy and safe July 4th!

Blayne & Brayden | Sibling Photos | Family Photographer | Ocean County NJ

B & B Take Over the Island!

Look at these two handsome studs! I can’t believe how old they are getting; I remember them still in their Mama’s belly! They will forever be babies in my eyes but they really are turning into great young men! We had a great time on the island the night we got these photos! It had been raining all day, and we thought we got a break in the rain so we ran down to the beach, we got there and it started pouring on us. We literally ran back to the house, got bummed out and headed to get something to eat. On our way out of the restaurant we look out and the sky is BEAUTIFUL and it wasn’t raining! So we ran back down to the bay side this time and got some AWESOME photos. Sometimes the stormy nights are the best ones for photos!

The Girls | Sibling Photos | Family Photographer | Ocean County NJ

The Girls

What a great Mother's Day gift these girls gave to their mom thanks to their awesome Aunt! We took them out to get photos while their Mom had no idea. The girls were great, relaxed, and so easy to work with. We got great shots! Thanks for the great opportunity to work with you girls!

Family Beach Photos | Long Beach Island | Family Photographer | Ocean County NJ

Long Beach Island Family Photos

This family had the best idea when it came to getting portraits done on vacation. They have many family members in different parts of the country, so when they were all together it was perfect. They were such a great group of people, and seriously so fun! It was great. They did have to contend with some very windy conditions, but look it like a champ and you can barely tell! Hope you were able to enjoy the rest of their stay.