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Friends Forever

It has been nuts over here with finishing up Fall sessions and starting Christmas sessions. But I had a little time to squeeze in some editing of one of my favorite sessions EVERY year. My handsome dude and his best friend, Tyler. Tyler and Emerson are only weeks apart and have been best buds since they were about 6 months old. Tyler’s mom and I casually took their first fall photos together thinking it would be cute, little did we know here we are 4 years later taking them in the same spot. Watching them grow together has been literally my favorite thing in life, we also added on a little minion that likes to copy and follow them, her name is Quinn. She has hopped in a few photos with them as they are now like a pack, and I love every single second of their chaos that they cause together. Melissa and I cannot wait until the boys are 21 and sitting in the very same spot (hopefully on the very same box) taking their yearly photos together. Tyler and Emerson, I hope your bond never breaks <3 Love you boys! Here are some photos from this year and photos from the past for years of them.