Blayne & Brayden | Sibling Photos | Family Photographer | Ocean County NJ

B & B Take Over the Island!

Look at these two handsome studs! I can’t believe how old they are getting; I remember them still in their Mama’s belly! They will forever be babies in my eyes but they really are turning into great young men! We had a great time on the island the night we got these photos! It had been raining all day, and we thought we got a break in the rain so we ran down to the beach, we got there and it started pouring on us. We literally ran back to the house, got bummed out and headed to get something to eat. On our way out of the restaurant we look out and the sky is BEAUTIFUL and it wasn’t raining! So we ran back down to the bay side this time and got some AWESOME photos. Sometimes the stormy nights are the best ones for photos!

Everly | Fresh 48 | Hospital Photos | Community Medical Center | Ocean County NJ

Sibling love, straight out of womb!

This little princess, Everly, has a best friend forever. She has an awesome big sister that loves her more than she even knows. It is great watching wonderful people I went to middle school with having babies and being coming mommies. Congrats Krista, Josh, and Elliana. It was great being able to capture this awesome time in your lives.

Ryan | Fresh 48 | Hospital Photos | Community Medical Center | Ocean County NJ

New player in town!

I got to see this little dude with in his first 18 hours of life, and it was amazing. Ryan is such a content little dude, very go with the flow. He is going to be an excellent little brother, him and Weston will be taking on the world together before we know it! Congrats everyone on this little bundle joining the family!

Santino | Fresh 48 | Hospital Photos | Community Medical Center | Ocean County NJ

Welcome Little Brother

I have been honored to watch Danilo grow up and photograph him during all of his milestones. So what better way for his brother Santino to be welcomed by me then to photograph his first major milestone, his hospital photos. Thank you Tara and Rich for allowing me to be the one who got to take these awesome photos.

Gutowski | Family Photos | Jersey Shore Photographer | Ocean County Photography

The gorgeous Gutowski boys were back for some photos on a beautiful spring day!  We went to one of my favorite spots in town, the historic train station.  These boys were all smiles, especially when I asked Chase what his brother's name was!  Normally I have to say silly words to get some giggles, but these silly boys were full of joy!  Thank you for bringing your sweet smiles to another session!  Hope to see you soon!