Kara | Cake Smash | South Jersey Photographer | Child Photography

Dinosaur Princess

I have never seen such a beautiful dinosaur princess. Kara was on the money during her session! She was so happy and excited the whole time. We got her to play in the cake but she didn't get very messy. Still, she enjoyed a splash bath to clean up! Kara, it has been great watching you grow up. From announcements, maternity, newborn, 6 month, and finally to your cake smash you have rocked EVERY session over the last two years, can't wait to see where you bring us next girl friend!

Emma | Cake Smash | South Jersey Photographer | Child Photography

Oh what a beautiful snow princess!

This princess was all smiles and claps her whole session. I could just eat her up on how cute shes was. Unfortunately she wasn’t to into eating the cake but that sure didn’t stop her from feeding it to her Mama and Goofy, nor did it squish her awesome spirits! We still were able to finish her awesome session off with a splash bath and Mr. Ducky joined to even make it that much better! I hope you have the BEST birthday ever sweet snow princess.

Michael | Cake Smash | South Jersey Photographer | Child Photography

Mr. ONE derful

This handsome dude wasn’t ready for some pictures when he first came to the studio, but then once we got him some cake he was ready to roll. Michael, you are one super handsome dude and thank you for celebrating your birthday with me!

Derek | Cake Smash | South Jersey Photographer | Child Photography


This little guy has been through a lot in his short life, yet he has pulled through all of it and is one strong dude! This little guy was a preemie, yet one would hardly know it as strong and awesome as he is doing! He deserved an extra special set up. He must have known and came with all the smiles and such a great attitude. Happy Birthday little man!

Penny | Cake Smash | South Jersey Photographer | Child Photography

Sweet Penelope!

This sweet girl came in with nothing but smiles. Nothing was stopping her from having the time of her life. She totally enjoyed her cake, or I should say icing by the handfuls, and cleaned herself off splashing about in the bath, even rubbed her belly to get it off! Happy first birthday Penny! Joe and Kaila - thanks for letting me have the honor of photographing this princess!

Oaklyn | Cake Smash | Jersey Shore Photography | Ocean County Photographer

Cake Time!


This princess flew through her session with perfection! She smashed her cake and ate it perfectly. If mom and dad would have let her, I think she would have eaten the whole thing! She loved it! Although she didn't get to messy, she also loved her splash bath! Happy birthday Miss Oaklyn!

Ava | Cake Smash | Jersey Shore Photographer | Ocean County NJ Photography

It's your birthday, cry if you want to. 

This little princess may not have been herself for her cake smash but by golly she still brought all the beauty with her. Poor thing was teething but that didn't stop her from having some icing, or even an ice pop on set. Happy Birthday Miss Ava <3

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Do you ever print your digital photos?!

Here at Smile Photography we know how important it is to many of our clients that they receive digital copies of their photos. But we have been finding that these amazing quality digital photos are being printed at locations with poor quality or worse yet, not at all! We have done extensive research into professional labs to bring the best quality at the most affordable pricing! We stand by professional labs therefore if any products are purchased through us we GUARANTEE color. Starting today we are having an introductory rate of 15% off our already amazingly affordable prices on our a la carte products AND PACKAGES!! All prices below include shipping for average shipping and processing fees. If you need something quicker, there would be an additional fee. Our introductory sale will be from now until June 15th. This is for any photo that Smile Photography LLC has taken for you from any session, not just current sessions. (If we do not have the photo any more we may need you to send the high resolution photo back to us as we do not guarantee holding on to files passed a certain time from session.) So contact us now to get those beautiful images printed for your home and loved ones.

NJ Child Photography Smile Photography Price List

Broden | Cake Smash | South Jersey Photographer | Ocean County Child Photography

Little Man's Big Birthday

He may be a little dude but he is one big cutie!  Mr. Broden was all smiles in the beginning, and unfortunately wasn't a fan of cake by the end of his session. Both Mama and Mommy should be proud of him either way, he did great! Plus they all survived year one, Cheers!

Cake Smash Bucket List | South Jersey Photographer | First Birthdays

My Favorite Session

One of my favorite photography sessions is a cake smash.  You may ask why; I prefer to ask why not!?  -  Cake smash photo sessions are so so so much fun!  I love celebrating such a great milestone with a family.  It's not just about the child, as much as it is about the family as a whole.  So after thinking about it for a while, I have created a bucket list of cake smash themes that I would love to do in studio.  I'm so excited to try these new themes so I am offering them for a discount.  The discount is first come, first served so please contact me quickly to reserve a spot for your family.

Cake Smash Bucket List