Kara | Cake Smash | South Jersey Photographer | Child Photography

Dinosaur Princess

I have never seen such a beautiful dinosaur princess. Kara was on the money during her session! She was so happy and excited the whole time. We got her to play in the cake but she didn't get very messy. Still, she enjoyed a splash bath to clean up! Kara, it has been great watching you grow up. From announcements, maternity, newborn, 6 month, and finally to your cake smash you have rocked EVERY session over the last two years, can't wait to see where you bring us next girl friend!

Emma | Cake Smash | South Jersey Photographer | Child Photography

Oh what a beautiful snow princess!

This princess was all smiles and claps her whole session. I could just eat her up on how cute shes was. Unfortunately she wasn’t to into eating the cake but that sure didn’t stop her from feeding it to her Mama and Goofy, nor did it squish her awesome spirits! We still were able to finish her awesome session off with a splash bath and Mr. Ducky joined to even make it that much better! I hope you have the BEST birthday ever sweet snow princess.

Quinn | Second Birthday | Ocean County Photographer | Child Photography

Quinnie Winnie is TWO!! How?!

As many of you know I have two kiddos of my own. A little boy who is 4.5 and a little girl who is now TWO. I have no clue where time goes once you get out of college, but it sure does fly right on by! Its not nearly as easy to capture pictures of my own kiddos as it is for me to capture others. They are so used to me being behind the camera that they tend to not listen and do their own thing. So of course we tried to do photos for Quinn’s birthday on the beach with both kids, and it didn’t go so well. They teamed up and told me how the session was gonna go, ha! So then I did photos of Quinn on her own and things went a bit smoother! So here are some photos of my own littles. My reason for everything I do.

Adalina | Sweet 16 | Sea Oaks NJ | Ocean County Photographer

Happy Sweet 16 to this beautiful girl! She had a great DJ, amazing friends & family, gorgeous decorations, and her parents were the ones who tied it all together to have such a great celebration! Thanks for allowing me to take photos of your event, it was fun!

Avery | Second Birthday Photos | Jersey Shore Photographer | Ocean County Photography

Avery was back in the studio today for some birthday photos!  This little frozen princess turned two and she wanted to celebrate with her best friend, Elsa!  She is just full of personality and spark, which is amazing to photograph.  Happiest of birthdays to you, little miss!  May this year bring you lots of joy!