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Sunflower Mini Session

Finally!! Here is a mini session that I have been dying to offer to my clients. Sunflower Field Mini Sessions in OCEAN COUNTY!! Wait, what! Yes, you read that correctly.. in Ocean County. I searched high and low so that my clients didn’t have to travel to far to get the photos they have been asking for! I will be at the farm in Barnegat on July 26th and 27th at Sunset! I will try and fit in as many sessions as I can, this will absolutely be on a first come first serve basis. They will only be $100 - This will cover the farm fee, 15 minutes of session, you will get 3 edited photos that you get to pick from a minimum of 5 (they may even be more depending on each session) and the print release for these photos. These sessions will be for up to 3 people, anything more than that must be talked to photographer prior to paying deposit.

July 4th | Manahawkin | Family Photographer | Ocean County NJ

Happy 4th of July!

These two little loves of mine have such a love hate relationship with the camera, here Emerson is loving it and Quinn is hating it, ha! But Smile Photography wants to wish everyone a happy and safe July 4th!

Pre-School Graduation | Manahawkin | Family Photographer | Ocean County NJ

Today’s the end of a chapter.

Well, that’s all folks. Today is the very last day for my big man. Today he will say good bye to pre-school. The next time he goes to school he will be a kindergartner. Gosh, I had no idea as you get older that the time goes quicker and quicker, and there is no way of slowing it down or even stopping it. Here are some last photos of our end of school session at his school. They show all sides of his personality . I love this big dude so much! Thank you for picking me to be your Mommy!! <3

Pre-School Graduation | Manahawkin | Family Photographer | Ocean County NJ

Here comes kindergarten!

Where did the last five years go? No clue but here is my little man graduating pre school and moving on to kindergarten next year. I could not be more proud of this handsome dude. But he wouldn’t be any where he is today with out the amazing teachers at the Oxycocus School. So I am sending out a huge thank you to the teachers, speech therapists, aids, staff and every other person at the school that has cared a great amount for my son the last two years.

Best Buddies | Toms River | Family Photographer | Ocean County NJ

Best Buddies

So there are times I get to pull out my camera for my own kids, but this time I got to do it on a beautiful day at a local park. We were walking Cattus Island State Park for the first time and I just had to bring it. These two kiddos were so happy and such goof balls on the trails it was great. They even had time for a little kissy poo

Quinn | Queen Elsa | South Jersey Photographer | Child Photography

Traveling to Disney

Phew!! I think I can finally say it will out jinxing it, goodbye winter and goodbye SNOW! Gosh, as I get older the snow gets less less fun, haha! But watching my princess think that she is a Queen and can freeze everything is honestly the most joyous feeling in the world. I thought Disney movies and Disney World was great when I was little but golly it is SOOO much better as a Mommy!! Quinn and Emerson watch all sorts of Disney movies, and tend to get stuck on one and we watch on repeat for a good amount of time and then on to the next haha, but sharing this time with them has been amazing.

In the beginning of October, we as a family, both set of grandparents as well, went to Disney World for our first family vacation. As there was always something going on and pretty crazy, it was great to watch the magic in their eyes. Some may say that they were “too young” but I would not have changed it for the world. Quinn still to this day asks about it and asks for Elsa when she gets her hair cut because we got her first hair cut there and they of course made it so so special!! I can’t wait to book a vacation to head on back there to have some more family time. The best part of planning to go is that one of my great friends just became a travel agent, for Disney! Say whattttt! How cool right!?! Many people think that using a travel agent will cost them money, and it doesn’t! Same price you would pay with out a travel agent but some extra love and help planning. Next time we go we will be using Deanna to help us set everything us! Hop on over to her page to take a look to see how she can help you with your traveling!!

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Quinn | Wisteria Tree | Ocean County Photographer

Look at these!

As I sit here and edit pictures all the time I came across these personal photos that I was unable to edit at the time. Being so busy with work is a good thing, but sometimes our own personal photos get pushed aside and then mom brain happens and I then forget about them. So here is my little princess from a few months ago in my Grandpa’s backyard <3 <3

Quinn | Second Birthday | Ocean County Photographer | Child Photography

Quinnie Winnie is TWO!! How?!

As many of you know I have two kiddos of my own. A little boy who is 4.5 and a little girl who is now TWO. I have no clue where time goes once you get out of college, but it sure does fly right on by! Its not nearly as easy to capture pictures of my own kiddos as it is for me to capture others. They are so used to me being behind the camera that they tend to not listen and do their own thing. So of course we tried to do photos for Quinn’s birthday on the beach with both kids, and it didn’t go so well. They teamed up and told me how the session was gonna go, ha! So then I did photos of Quinn on her own and things went a bit smoother! So here are some photos of my own littles. My reason for everything I do.